Making The Switch From Employee To Boss

Photo by Quynh Ava

Photo by Quynh Ava

For a lot of you budding entrepreneurs out there, chances are you’re still working on making the leap from employee at an established company to your own boss. It’s a thrilling change that can really pay off (just ask our very own Sarah Boyd!) but going from worker bee to the one in charge can also be a challenging transition.

Sisters and co-founders Brittney and Bridgette learned how tricky that transition could be firsthand when they launched their own clothing line, B’CAUSE. Now that they’ve launched their first collection, Brittney and Bridgette are sharing their tips on how to prep for launching your own company.

Keep reading to hear their advice!

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1. Be A Do-er

There are lots of dreamers, but you have to take action and be a doer. Believe in your self-worth and allow yourself to know you are designed for a unique purpose. B’CAUSE started by taking a leap of faith and also by taking action. You have to be willing to take a risk on yourself—you’re either working for someone else’s dreams, or you’re working for your own!

2. Listen

Stay alert and listen to the people you work with, be mindful about their needs, and also listen to your own boundaries. It’s easy to fall into the pleaser role when you’re starting a new business, so be sure to listen in your quiet time and then take action.

3. Be Smart Financially

Take time to financially earn your goal. Set aside a dream fund! If you’re in a career, stay there for your needed time — but don’t get too comfortable. One year can quickly turn into five, so constantly check yourself and remember your end goal.

4. Be Grateful

When you decide to pursue your new dream and leave your former job - always exit with grace. Be grateful you earned a job and that you made money there. Your attitude on life will shift and your new venture will be that much more fulfilling!

5. Know Your Values

Write down values you want to see in your relationships, career, and within yourself. Then write down what you don’t want in each of those areas of life. This perspective will breathe new life into every vein of your business and create a healthy environment. We wrote down our core values to keep with us on the daily - faith, loyalty, courage and joy.

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Side by side, sisters Bridgette and Brittney founded B'CAUSE as an homage to iconic women in history and for those about to make history. They designed the collection to bring back feminine fashions from a bygone era and remind women they are inspiring the way they are right now; not 10 lbs. from now, when they the next job, get married, etc. They want to remind women there is power and privilege in being a woman and being confident at this very moment, and that living to your own standards is attractive.

Designed for the working girl's wardrobe, the debut Holiday 2018 Collection consists of eight staple pieces that will dress the modern woman from a day at the office to a night out on the town.